Top-Cool Technology

The Top-Cool Technology (TCT ™) is the worlds latest generation of cooling-methods that makes use of Peltier Elements. Thanks to intensive research and development the Top-Cool Technology realises significant improvement of Peltier Elements which results in lower power consumption, higher efficiency (COP) and higher cooling performance.

The new cooling technology has allready made many advantages to other oldfashioned cooling techniques. This unique worldwide patented cooling technology is usefull in many different applications, products and market segments. Advantages can vary from: compact system, lower power consumption and lower noise level to very flexible implementation of components.The Top-Cool cooling systeem uses no environmental harmfull fluids or compounds. In most applications water will do as coolant.

Direct Peltier water-cooling

Peltier direct waterkoelingA main advantage of the Top-Cool Technology is that for every application, a best suitable configuration can be made. This means that all kinds of advantages can improve the final configuration and thereby the final product. Advantages can be: compacter, less weight, less power consumption, positioning of components, better mobility, 12V - 24V - 230V, etc...

The technology is applicable for cooling as well for heating applications.

Explore how the new cooling technology works.