Private market

Self construction
Particuliere marktThe Top-Cool Technology (TCT ™) is the only cooling technology you can personally install into your own applications. This means that there are no certified people (STEK) required to install the cooling technique. Because no toxic and environmentally damaging substances (like for example Freon, R134A, ammonia etc.) are used the product is safe for public. We also do not work with high pressures, which is very risky. The TCT only uses water. when used for applications below the freezing point some antifreeze is mixed with the water.


  • a Coolingengine (TCT-unit)
  • 2 pumps (1 for the hot circuit and 1 for the cold circuit)
  • 2 radiators with fans
  • Hoses
  • An electrical connection (for example 12 Volt)
  • Some skill in technology

What can U build:

  • TCT koelsysteemAll sorts of cooling systems to a maximum of 2000w (equal to an airco for small spaces)
  • A refrigerator for an outdoor kitchen.
  • For more ideas look at specialization.

How to build:


  • Always put the heat dissipation on a location where it can inject cool air.
  • Make sure there is enough air circulation and never obstruct the cumulative flow or drain.
  • Isolate the cold surroundings.
  • Isolate the cold hoses.