Sophisticated Explanation

atoomA Peltier element is made of semiconducting material, the so called P and N material. These elements are connected to eachother by means of a metal plate. When an electric flow goes through the transition (metal to N material), on the transition arises  a warmth development. This is because of the connected materials have a mutual potential difference. Because of that an electron gets into an other course with a different speed. A course with a lower speed means energy has "flown off". This results in a warmth energy development, the so called Peltier effect. With the transition of electron of the N material to the metal a cold development takes shape. N material has the opposite attribute of the P material. When P and N material is used alternately the development of warmth can take place on one side and cold development on the other side. When the energy is abducted correctly, the warmth is not flowing through the semiconducting material (which also conducts warmth well) to the cold side. The Top-Cool Technology (TCT) realizes this by means of a liquid flow.

Peltier geavanceerd

By applicating additional "couples" a whole matrix can be obtained. A Peltier element is a series-circuit of a large number of couples.

Peltire serieschakeling

The differtent couples of a Peltier element ensure getting a surface. The number of couples can be different as well as the size of the couples. Due to this Peltier elements can be made that have different attributes.

Matrix inwendig van een peltier Element