Recreation and leisure

In the recreational atmosphere the Top-Cool Technology is also very welll applicable. Below are some examples.


Because the cooling technology works on both 12V and 230V it makes it very suitable to use on a camping-refrigerator

Caravan applications

The caravan can be equipped with different kinds of cooling functions. A refrigerator, cold water tank and airco/top-cooling can be equiped with the Top-Cool Technology. With the use of a central warmth drain system the functions can be optimally exploited. The best feature about the Top-Cool technology is that it is possible to place the functions on every random position. The refrigirator does not have to be outside the caravan anymore where the hot air is blown into the front tent.

Maritime applications

The applications of a TCT in a boat can bring a lot of advantages. For example the warmth that arises by cooling can be lodged to the ambient water but it can also be used to heat things like water to shower. Thanks to the use of the Top-cool technology the energy that normally will be lossed can be won back to create a good efficiency level and get economic benefits.